Friday, August 8, 2008

Updated Pics

I've added some new pics from this past month in an album to the says New Zealand and right under it, it says "pictures". Click on that link to view some albums. Some of those pics are from back in Lubbock or back home. The one I just added is labeled July '08. Click on that album for my recent pics! I hope everyone got my newsletter okay! Let me know if you don't get them and would like to receive one through email! Love and miss you all heaps! Enjoy some more pictures! I will be adding them on here like this from now on, instead of putting heaps of them directly on my page. It's easier. :)

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Mike and Lucy said...

Hey girly,
We love you. I just thought I'd leave you a note saying that we love you! Oh, I got the postcard you sent too!! Thank you so much! It arrived fairly fast! You are a sweety! Hope you are having a great week.