Friday, May 23, 2008

Counting Down...

Well, Kristi and I both have our visas and are now aloud to go to the fabulous country of New Zealand! Jana and Kayla have sent for theirs recently! Please pray that all goes well! We all plan on flying out on June 5th and meeting up in L.A. From there we will fly to Australia and then switch planes to go to NZ. I am currently making my last visit to some family in Indiana and then will be in Ohio for a week or two and then fly out!
We hope that everyone will keep us in their prayers as I know I personally (and I'm sure our whole team ) is going through a lot of transitions! I have recently been realizing just what it means to depend on God alone, especially in tough times!
If anyone would like to receive our newsletters through email let me know. I will try and email a newsletter each month while we are on the field. Just send me your email address! My email is (I made it in 5th grade and too many people have it to change it now! No laughing! haha!) Love you all and God Bless! He always does!