Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Excellent Adventures of Kristi and Ashtin

So, we haven't left the states, and the adventure has already begun. We started out on a 21 hour journey back to Indiana where Ashtin would be sort-of back home and Kristi would fly home from there. HOWEVER, the journey only lasted 6 hours. Traveling down grueling I-40 something punched a whole in the oil pan of Ashtin's car and bent the corner of the radiator. Not knowing anything was wrong, we trudged on. All was well until the RPMs SHOT up and all of a sudden the car died. We just cruised off onto a nearby exit and parked on the side and put the flashers on. A guy then helped us push it to a nearby gas station.
Our current status has been almost stranded in Oklahoma City for 3 days now. Lucky that God was on our side, Kristi's aunt and uncle live only about an hour and a half from where we broke down. We have been staying there.
The current status on the car is not quite as good, however. All of the oil had leaked out as the car was still going since we didn't know anything was wrong. Then the engine ended up locking up and was hot and molded together pretty much. Now the car requires a new oil pan, a whole new engine, and possibly a new radiator.
The insurance should cover all, except a $250 deductible. It's also paying for Ashtin to fly home for a couple weeks and she will come back to OK city to pick up her car and drive it back when it's ready. Kristi's mom will be coming to her aunt's house to pick her up and she'll be going home with her.
It has been crazy already! We have so much more work to do getting support and a little more visa work to do without the extra added worries and expenses! But all is well and where God guides, He provides! "Trials are not enemies of faith, but opportunities to prove God's faithfulness!" Everything seemed awful to start off, but things are looking up and I'll still get home in time to visit with family some before leaving for the field!
Keep praying for our and visas mostly! Keep fighting the good fight!
Because the tomb was found empty,
*Kristi and Ashtin*

Monday, April 21, 2008

Preparing to Leave

Getting ready has been an interesting process. It's not just getting our visa stuff that is difficult, it's also the mental and emotional preparations. The only way I am going to get to New Zealand is by God. Don't get me wrong I want to go but when I think about leaving everything I know and love I kind of get freaked out. Wouldn't most people though?? All I can do is trust in God that he is sending me where he wants me to go and where I can be most effective for Him. The only reason I am ready for this new Adventure is because I know I am filled with the Holy Spirit that will lead me and guide me. I plan not only on being effective and I don't just see it as a job. I also am planning on having lots of fun!!!

Kayla Smith