Monday, August 25, 2008

Care and Craft

The slideshows don't seem to be working (at least not for ME!) so if they are working for you please let me know. But if you can't see the pictures for the Mystery Dinner or this Care and Craft post then please just click on the link to the side --> that says pictures and you can look at them!

Care and Craft is what Kristi and I do once a week working with older people and some disabled people as well!

Young Adult Mystery Dinner

Everyone got to "guess" at what they were going to eat but it was NEVER what you expected. Really fun way to interact and get others involved. Everyone got to dress as their favourite food! Here are some pics! Sry if you have gotten an update a lot on this one...I keep trying to fix it and think my internet is going funny!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Updated Pics

I've added some new pics from this past month in an album to the says New Zealand and right under it, it says "pictures". Click on that link to view some albums. Some of those pics are from back in Lubbock or back home. The one I just added is labeled July '08. Click on that album for my recent pics! I hope everyone got my newsletter okay! Let me know if you don't get them and would like to receive one through email! Love and miss you all heaps! Enjoy some more pictures! I will be adding them on here like this from now on, instead of putting heaps of them directly on my page. It's easier. :)